About Me

Hello there! My nickname is, as you can guess, "P-CH." or just "P" for short. I'm a year old student from Germany. I'm really into development (in terms of writing code and discord development) and electronics.

My name is based on a friendship with another student of my age. We both tinker with electronics and our favourite part is a so called MOSFET. There are two types of this, one being the positive and one being the negative one. "P-CH." is basically nothing else than an abbreviation for P-channel MOSFET.

The programming languages I know (more or less) are the following:
TagScript, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, batch, bash/shell script, VisualBasic Script, Powershell, C, C#, Python, Java, PHP and I roughly know how SQL works

Learn more about what I'm doing by visiting the content pages in the navigation bar. If you want to talk to me, there is a contact info at the bottom of this page.

- P :)